Destination Elopement in Hawaii

There is a lot of pressure to get everyone onboard with a wedding.  From dates to meal plans, it can sometimes just be too much.  If you want to make your wedding all about enjoying your time in a bridal shop in Sacramento, and then just grabbing your partner and getting married on your own, go for it!  It is your wedding after all.  Plus, it’s a common thing to do these days.

Here are of top reasons why:

            If you’ve picked Hawaii as your location for getting married, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by just how convenient it is!  Take a look. 

  • Getting married in Hawaii is easy: There are no witnesses or regulations involved in the permit or the actual license process. You’ll be able to enjoy a simple elopement with little restrictions and so much simplicity, you’ll truly feel relaxed.
  • You get to travel and enjoy a tropical paradise: If you love travelling to hot places, then Hawaii is going to be a gorgeous spot to enjoy when combining your special day with a naventure. Perfectly tropical and just right for those that have always wanted to get married on the beach, it’s going to be just right for your day.
  • Simple and short on the beach: In Hawaii, beach weddings have to be 2 hours or less. So, if you really love the idea of a modern, quick wedding, you’ll find this special beach wedding to be just right.  Plus, it helps make sure that you can enjoy the rest of your vacation, too, which is not always possible with a classic wedding!

            There will always be people in your life who will feel an elopement in Hawaii is not the right call, but this day is about you and your partner — and no one else.  If wearing your dress and enjoying the hot sand under your feet with the person you love is all you want, then a destination elopement in Hawaii is going to be a great choice!

Hawaii wedding elopement

Wedding Dress: Diamond Bridal Gallery

Photograoher: Jessa Maria Photography

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