Wedding tips: altering a wedding dress that is too big

You panic since the day of your wedding is approaching. However, you have lost a lot of weight, and your dress has become a little too big? Do you want to know some tips so that you can still wear your wedding dress? We will give you tips on altering a wedding dress that is too big.

Hold your wedding dress with an elastic band. 

The first tip is to hold your wedding dress with an elastic band. To do this: – Run to the haberdashery to buy an elastic ribbon 2 to 3cm wide and with pressures. Measure your waist with the ribbon and cut it about 10cm below so that it keeps you well – Hem the edges and sew on the pressure. To quickly apply the pressure, take the thread and a needle – Fold two times the edges of the ribbon and sew the pressure in the center of the ribbon, making sure to pass through all the holes provided for this purpose .- Mark the center of the elastic with a pin. Place this elastic in the middle of the bustier or corset at the waist. Sew a stitch by hand to fix it. Finish with a small knot to strengthen the seam.

Lacing for dresses that have eyelets 

You can also use another little tip in lacing for dresses that have eyelets. You will achieve a lacing that is not normal, quite unattractive, certainly, but which will save you at least 2cm. – Position the lacing tabs on each other – Pass one end of the satin ribbon through the first two eyelets – The second end is inserted at the next two eyelets – Continue passing the ribbon of the 1st eyelet through the 3rd, that of the 2nd eyelet in the 4th. – You repeat the operation until the end of your lacing tab. In this way, you can gain at least 2cm. The lacing may seem less aesthetic, but it very handy if you lost weight before D-Day 

Bottom Line:
Do not panic if you do not have enough time to have your dress cut again at a seamstress. These tips have certainly helped you wear your wedding dress on your wedding day, even if it has grown slightly too large. Use the technique that suits your dress to enjoy this exceptional day calmly. 

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