8 Honeymoon Alternatives That Are Perfect for Springtime Newlyweds

Getting married is a time to celebrate, which means that from the morning of your wedding to the end of your honeymoon, everyone is going to want to cheer on your happily ever after. It’s why so many weddings are filled to the brim with family and friends. It’s the reason for so much dancing and fun during receptions that seem to last all night long.

After you get married, you should never stop celebrating the love you share with your partner, but many newlyweds have found that they have to end the party early. Whether they can’t get enough time off of work or they can’t afford to go on a trip, couples are starting to cross big honeymoon trips off their list.

If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, don’t feel like you have to give up your honeymoon so fast! A springtime wedding is the perfect time to do something fun after your big day ends. Below, learn some of the many different ways newlyweds are having alternative honeymoons. You don’t need to find a private island to start your married life off with a fun and enjoyable experience!

1. Mini-Moon Getaway

Mini-moons are the new honeymoon since younger couples find it difficult to stay away from work for very long. Even if you both take a quick weekend trip away from home, you can still experience all the romance a traditional honeymoon would entail.

Do some research to find where you could drive to within a short distance from your wedding venue. Stay overnight at a cute bed and breakfast, or rent a room downtown with a fantastic view. Putting life on pause for just a few hours is the new honeymoon for many modern couples.

2. Volunteer Honeymoon Vacation

Activism is becoming more important to people’s identities with each passing year. It’s leading people to get more involved in their local communities and help out in new places around the world. That’s why many couples are choosing to volunteer on their honeymoon instead. You can do the same so that you’re helping people while enjoying time away from your daily routine. For many, it’s also a cheaper alternative to traditional honeymoon getaways, too.

3. Weekend Railroad Adventure

Trains have remained a popular method of travel, even with all the modern advancement in the world of transportation. People still use them because they’re not nearly as expensive as booking a plane ticket, and they’ve got an old world charm to them. Search around for a weekend railroad adventure where you can stay in a private room on the train. You’ll be able to see the countryside without ever having to pay for parking.

4. Private Camping Trip

Camping is a relatively cheap and easy honeymoon idea if you know what you’re doing before you head out. Rent a campsite and figure out if you two want to rough it in a tent or rent an RV as well.

Camping can range from eating beans out of a can to glamping in style, so talk with your partner about what kind of camping interests them to see if it’s the right kind of honeymoon for the two of you. Make sure to camp where there are things to do, like beautiful trails to hike or rivers to canoe down.

5. Big City Freestyle

One of the reasons honeymoons can be daunting is that they require a good bit of research to be a success. Not everyone’s a planner, but you can still take a romantic honeymoon with your partner, even if a to-do list is the last thing you want to make.

Pick a city you’d love to see, book a flight and hotel room, then freestyle. Go where you want to go when you wake up on the trip. Eat the food you’re in the mood for or hang out at your hotel and eat room service. Freestyling your honeymoon frees you both up from the constraints of a schedule, which could be the exact vacation you need before getting back to the real world.

 6. Romantic Island Cruise

Money is a big reason newlyweds are skipping their honeymoon, but you can still have a romantic trip away without blowing your post-wedding budget. You can explore romantic island cruises to combine the ultimate vacation experience with whatever budget you’re working with. Go see places like Bora Bora and Santorini while having your room and dining included in your ticket price.

7. Cross-Country Road Trip

A classic way to see a new place without breaking the bank is to throw a couple of suitcases into your car and hit the road. All you have to worry about is putting gas in your tank, finding places to eat along the way and having a room to sleep in each night. Those things can be found in hole-in-the-wall locations where you can experience life on a local level. If you feel like it, an extra way to splurge while being smart would be to put the miles on a rental car and leave your usual vehicle at home. Road trips are a great way to feel relaxed and worry-free — meaning they set the tone for the ideal way to hang out with your significant other after the wedding, too.

8. The Vacation of Your Dreams

What have you always wanted to do? What’s one of the most exciting trips on your bucket list? Life as newlyweds is the perfect time to live your dreams, before you get settled down with a monthly mortgage payment and a family to provide for. See what you can take off your bucket list and squeeze into a short trip. It may not be the week-long excursion to Australia that you’d always pictured it being, but you’ll still be glad you went.

Talk to your partner to see where they’ve always dreamed of going on their honeymoon. Compare your dream destinations, then try to merge them or find a middle ground. Keep your mind open throughout the process so that you can both try something completely new if you want a unique honeymoon experience. Think about where you’d both want to volunteer or take a cruise to. After looking at your honeymoon in a different light, you could end up having the best trip of your lives.

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