Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Steaming For A Big Day

When a bride walks down the aisle on her big day, all eyes are on her. Beyond her radiant smile, her bridal gown is the focal point of the wedding. All Diamond Bridal Gallery brides can feel confidently beautiful in their gowns, knowing that they have been professionally prepared. The experts at Diamond Bridal have been trained in fabric care and understand the unique requirements of each type of fabric. They will expertly steam each gown to ensure crease-free perfection.


There is an art to wedding dress steaming and the experts at Diamond Bridal Gallery have mastered this art. After all the alterations are done and the wedding day is near, the dress will be professionally steamed and pressed. Then the gown will be hung on a bust form and sleeves will be stuffed using acid-free, white tissue paper, before being placed in a long, white bridal garment bag. This ensures that the wedding gown stays fresh and wrinkle-free as it is transported to the wedding destination.

Bride in her steamed wedding dress

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