7 “Something New” Wedding Ideas

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue: decade after decade, traditional brides have tried to follow the rather obscure phrase when dressing for a walk down the aisle.

The tradition is much older than most brides imagine, dating back to late 1800’s England. And while most brides simply follow the tradition without much thought, each part of the phrase is symbolic. According to Insider Magazine, the something old protects future children, while the something borrowed and blue and meant to bestow good luck.

But why the something new? No one really knows. It’s possible, according to Insider, that the final phrase was simply made to complete the rhyme.

One way to make it more meaningful? Carefully selecting what your “something new” will be and incorporating it into your wedding.

Here are are favorite 7 wedding ideas for your “something new”.

  1. Your Dress: We include this simply because it’s the most simple and the most obvious. Most brides opt to select a new bridal gown, and there is nothing newer or stunning than a gown that fits a bride’s personality. If you’re sold on keeping this as your something new, go the extra step by making sure it’s properly tailored, flatters your body type, and is a good match for your venue. Making an appointment with a consultant is a good way to start. For special touches to make your dress sparkle, add custom belts, sashes, or even illusion sleeves.
  2. Perfume: You may have a go-to scent, but a spray of perfume you’ve never worn before might be just the right subtle but enchanting touch (and your groom will notice!). If you like very plain or vanilla based scents, why not go for something floral? Just make sure to try the perfume well in advance, and not the day of the wedding. You want to make sure you have no allergies to the perfume, and you’ll also want to get a hang of just how much to use, and where. Subtle and light is better than overpowering. And while you’re at it, make sure you apply so the scent lasts you all day, or at least the whole reception.
  3. Makeup: Go for something you don’t wear on a regular basis. Just don’t go overboard. Pick one feature you want to emphasize: the lips, eyes and cheekbones are the most common. Then focus on a look that is something you’ve never worn before. Scheduling a makeup trial will help you get a sense of what surprising look you want to pull off, whether it’s a bold red lip or a smokey eye.
  4. Hair: We actually don’t suggest brides opt for a new hairstyle, color or cut, tempting as it might be. While lots of brides get excited about dyeing their hair, relaxing or adding texture, or trying a signature pixie cut, it’s generally a bad idea. These decisions can be semi permanent and risk leaving the bride with a new look that is a bit “too new”. To save some stress and possible heartache, brides can still incorporate the something new by adding stunning accessories to their hair.  Lace or scalloped veils, jeweled tiaras, and flowered headpieces are all beautiful additions. Go for silver or gold for a very new and polished look. To make a veil seem new, choose something modern, like an illusion veil. Or opt out of the veil tradition and make a new own by wearing a headband or flowered piece instead.
  5. Under your Dress: Yes, guests won’t know about your something new, but in some ways that makes it even more special. Feminine, light lingerie is something new indeed. Bras and panties can feel bridal too: select lace designs in white or ivory, to make sure they don’t show through your gown.
  6. Something Handmade: Who says your “something new” can’t be as meaningful as “something old”? Don a handmade bracelet or necklace or even hair piece made by you or someone close to you. For a twist, make something new for your something old. For instance, if your something old is a family Bible, make a cover for it, or even an elegant bookmark.
  7. Things to Carry: We love little touches too. Handkerchiefs, a shiny (lucky) penny, or other little baubles brings home the charm and superstition behind the classic rhyme.


No matter what you choose for your something new, make it fun, make it personal, and don’t stress too much over it!

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