The Best Alfred Angelo Alternative

Were you affected by the recent Alfred Angelo store shut down? Are you one of the thousands of brides across the country without a gown? Did you lose money in bridal and bridesmaid dress deposits?

We have the solution for you. Just follow these 11 steps:

  1. Stop panicking. Take a breath. Inhale for ten seconds;exhale for ten seconds. You’re getting married—you shouldn’t have to stress.
  2. Don’t spend even more money for the gown of your dreams. Stop Googling“cheap but quality wedding dresses” and “inexpensive wedding dresses I can wear right now.”
  3. Find your Alfred Angelo receipt. Dig through your wedding planner or binder to find the original branded Alfred Angelo retail receipt for your dress or your receipt from an independent salon that shows you purchased an Alfred Angelo gown. Put this receipt in your purse.
  4. Get in your car, hop on a bus, or climb on the train and head over to Diamond Bridal Gallery. If you’re not near Sacramento, give us a call to see what we can do for you.
  5. Open the DBG front doors, be overwhelmed by the beautiful dresses awaiting you, and then show us your Alfred Angelo receipt.
  6. Receive a 20% discount on all wedding dresses.
  7. Receive a $300 store credit for accessories: $150 for your headpiece and $150 for your veil.
  8. Try on one of our hundreds of wedding dresses from a gorgeous array of designers like Martina Novia, Solo Merav, Robert Bullock, and so many others.
  9. Find the dress of your dreams. We guarantee you will discover something that will make your heart sing—a dress that will make you forget whatthat Alfred Angelo ex-gown even looked like.

10.Purchase the dress, get the matching accessories and alterations, save money.

  1. Leave the store with confidence and beauty. You’ll be ready for your wedding without breaking the bank or feeling too stressed.

Bonus Step: Treat yourself. Get a facial. Get your nails done. Take a yoga class. You deserve it.

Come in to Diamond Bridal Gallery before August 15, 2017 for the offer of 20% off all gowns and $300 store credit ($150 headpiece, $150 veil).

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