How To Plan Your Friend’s Wedding on Pinterest

If you’re obsessed with Pinterest and weddings as much as we are, you probably can’t wait for the day when you can walk down the aisle with all of your Pinterest-dreams come to life! If your friend is getting married, though, you may want to put your hand into some of the planning,just because you love it so much!

But your friend probably has her own ideas of what she’d like for her wedding…

So how can you have fun on Pinterest for someone else’s wedding without stepping on any toes?

  1. Have a shared board with the bride.

If the bride has a Pinterest wedding board, ask her to share it with you! You can see what she’s looking at, and you can add some pins to it, too! That way she can see your opinion without you having to actually voice your opinion. But don’t go overboard! Make it a fun, shared experience that you and all your friends can have fun with!

  1. Pin gift ideas.

Pinterest is full of unique and fun DIY and purchasable wedding gifts! Although it may not be “planning” per say, pinning gift ideas is a great way for you to take ownership of something wedding-related—while also surprising and exciting your friend with a cool and exceptional gift she’ll treasure forever!

  1. Pin party ideas.

You may not be able to plan the wedding, but you can help plan the pre-wedding shindigs! Whether or not you are the coordinator for the bachelorette party and bridal party, you can find some great ideas to share and help implement on Pinterest! It’s a great platform to find cool themes and special touches that will push the party that extra mile!

Don’t feel bad about wanting to help make your friend’s day super special! Do what you can, but don’t go overboard and take over the event. Share your Pinterest with the bride and other party-goers to have a unified and fun pinning experience!

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