Wedding Beauty Tips

Want to solidify yourself as history’s most beautiful bride? We thought so!

Your wedding is a day where you shouldn’t just shine…you should sparkle!

Whether you are a frequent visitor to your local salon and spa or a sporadic mani/pedi kind of girl, your big day should be a beautifying experience.

For bride’s planning to color, highlight or cut their hair in anticipation of their wedding day, it is best to do this well in advance. Although your hairstylist may be the best in the world, accidents do happen. Prevent a week before freak-out session by setting up hair appointments 2-4 weeks in advance. Your color and cut will last but any unwanted shades or styles can be fixed in time for the main event.

Nails chip, break and fall off. Instead of worrying about your French-tips holding up or your new paint job standing strong, schedule your nail appointment the day before your wedding. Even though your nails look dry when you leave, they are not. By giving your toe and fingernails 18-24 hours you will make sure their lovely color does not transfer itself on to your wedding dress, veil or an unsuspecting bridesmaid.

Wedding Beauty Tips For bride’s planning an exfoliating session before they walk down the aisle, early is better than late. In the case of many facials you are unable to wash or apply make-up between 1-4 days after the treatment. As dead skin cells flake away to give you a healthy glow, some irritation and redness may occur. Though photo touch-ups have come a long way, it is best to give yourself adequate time between treatment and “I do” so you have one less thing to worry about as you celebrate the happiest day of your life!


Photo by Hibben Photography


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