7 Ways to Make Your MOH Stand Out

While your wedding day is definitely about you and your fiancé, there is another important person on your special day to be thankful for – the maid of honor! Whether your maid of honor is a close friend or family member, there are plenty of ways to make her feel special and thank her for all her hard work during the wedding planning process.

Reward your maid of honor by giving her unique recognition for all those nights of long talks, stressful moments and all the little details in between. Here are seven ways to make your maid of honor stand out in the bridal party as a special way to say thank you:

  • Shoes – If the bridesmaid dresses are short, help your maid of honor stand out by giving her a different pair of shoes. Sparkles and accents will help her stand out from the rest of the women in the bridal party.
  • Bouquet – The maid of honor’s bouquet could be a different style and size altogether or use different complementary colors to help her stand out.
  • Dress detail – Contrast the maid of honor’s dress with the rest of the bridesmaids by adding a different element, such as a sash or giving her dress an altered silhouette.
  • Hair piece – A special headpiece or hair accent, such as a jeweled headband or birdcage veil, will give your maid of honor an elegant look.
  • Alternate gown – Help your maid of honor stand out from the bridal party by giving her a special, complementary dress. The dress can also be a shade lighter or darker than the other ladies.
  • Varied hairstyle – If your bridesmaids are wearing their hair up or down, give the maid of honor a different look by fixing her hair in the opposite style.
  • Special setting at the bridal table – Decorate your maid of honor’s chair to help her stand out or accentuate it with flowers.

These are all simple, effective ways to give special recognition to your maid of honor and show her how much you appreciate her help!



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