Wedding Traditions in France

For many brides, a wedding in France is a dream come true. Whether you live in France or want to create the wedding of a lifetime, there are a number of wedding traditions to incorporate into the ceremony and reception!

One of the most notable differences between weddings in France and the United States is that there is no wedding party – only flower girls and boys. The children help the bride with a variety of jobs, including holding the train or spreading flower petals on the aisle. There are also two weddings that takes place in French culture – one in the church and another in city hall. Depending on whether or not a church wedding is taking place, a city hall wedding will be quick and simple. Most couples will either walk or drive from city hall to the church to finish the traditions, such as exchanging rings and obtain a blessing from the priest or clergy.

Wedding parties in France are rather large, numbering into the hundreds! This allows all friends, co-workers and family members – even members of the community – to partake in the festivities. As with every wedding, the eating is one of the focal points. The French wedding meal, known as Le Repas de Noces, is very large and features a good amount of food that will last for hours. Depending on the couple, it could be very casual or formal. Once the dining is over, the final treat is custard filled pastries or honey and nuts!

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