Wedding Traditions in England

England has many wedding traditions to consider that are special to the region, in addition to many of the common wedding traditions found in other parts around the world.

One unique tradition in the United Kingdom, every leap year is designated as the day in which a woman can propose, if she chooses. During the wedding, there are a number of special traditions and customs that the British incorporate into the event, including:

  • The flower girl passes daisies onto the aisle before the bride walks down. Bridesmaid dresses are also similar to the wedding dress, which is a custom that dates back to the Roman Empire. The reasoning behind this is in ancient times, highway robbers would kidnap brides on the way to the wedding. Bridesmaids, dressed like the bride, would protect her to ensure she made it safely to the wedding!
  • Good luck charms are included in the attire of the wedding gown, usually sewn into the hem such as a horseshoe charm. The horseshoe charm might also be incorporated into the wedding bouquet. Rain – which is very common in England – on a wedding day is also considered good luck.
  • Instead of the wedding cake, there is often an English wedding breakfast which includes two different cakes. The top layer of the traditional fruitcake is saved to enjoy during the couple’s first child’s christening.

No matter where you get married, there are many cultural and historical customs and traditions that make wedding ceremonies unique and relevant to any given area.

Photo credit: Christy Whitehead Photography

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