Jacqueline Competes In Miss Greater Bay Area

On June 24, Jacqueline Ramos will compete at Mosaic Dance and Fitness in San Francisco. Diamond Bridal Gallery, bridal store in Sacramento is there to support her and cheer her on every step along the way, as a proud sponsor and friend.

Holding awards like National Professional Woman of the Year and Women of Outstanding Leadership of the Year, Jacqueline has used her pageantry to serve her community with business, government, and educational projects. Her volunteer work and fundraising efforts are unparalleled, and she shares them on stage every time she walks out in one of her gorgeous gowns.

We love how Jacqueline believes in education of people who are at a disadvantage. She is an advocate for those with mental health disorders oron the autism disorder spectrum. She firmly fights for the best solutions for these individuals to get the educational resources they need.

She teaches each and every one of us to fight for what we believe in. She has won pageant titles, like Capital City Teen, Miss NorCal Representative, Miss Citrus Heights, and Miss Cal Expo—because of her determination and dedication. With every pageant, she gets up there in her own ambitious and special way.

Dressed in a stunning gown, there is nothing Jacqueline can’t handle! At Diamond Bridal Gallery, we love Jacqueline’s representation of inner and outer beauty. She shows that the inner self is reflected through the outer look. Her passion, power, and beauty are revealed in the exquisite and unique dresses she wears at her pageants.

She knows that the value of a good dress can show the value of the wearer. Jacqueline always comes to Diamond Bridal Gallery to find the perfect array of eveningwear to reflect this forceful beauty within her.

We cannot wait to watch Jacqueline grace the floor with her presence in a gown that is as stunning and exceptional as her personality!

Miss Greater Bay Area USA

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